Local Online Auction Located in Flint, MI

Listing Items with the Portal

Using our built-in Upload Portal, you can put your items online right from the comfort of your own home! Listing your items is pretty easy, but we will walk through the steps anyway.

Before you can list items on the portal, you must get Portal access. To get started listing on the portal you need to talk to our Drop off Specialists or a manager. They can activate the portal on your account. They will show you how to use the portal when they activate it. Once the portal is activated on your account, you can also get a stack of lot number tags for use when listing your items. Before you list your items, please review this list of items we are not accepting at this time.

Now that you have the portal activated and you have tag numbers, it's time to get started listing items! 
-> Go to the auction site and log into your account. 
-> Go to Account and Scroll to the bottom on the left
-> Go to Add or Manage Lots. This will pull up a list of all the lots you have put on the portal.
-> Go to +Add Lot. This is where we begin the process.

Step 1: Online Public Auction Consigner Agreement

First you have to agree to the OPAC Agreement. It is the same as the paper agreement you fill out every time you drop off. You will also need to create a signature. It will save your signature for future use.

Step 2: Start Listing Items

Step Two is when we add Lot Details.

Which Auction do you want to sell your items on? We start with the auction you are going to list you stuff on. We have auctions every Thursday. We need to have the portal items here, at Liquidbidding, by Wednesday the week before the auction you choose.

Where in the Item selling from? While there are 2 Liquidbidding Sites, Only Flint accepts consignments at this time.

You may add a Stock or Reference number if you would like. This could coordinate with your internal inventory system. It is not displayed.

Does the item have a Title or Bill of Sale? Trailers under 2500# without a current title/registration can be sold with a bill of sale. Vehicles over 50cc will have a title.

Is there a lien on the item? Do you still owe the bank on the vehicle you are dropping off?

Is there a lot number you prefer? This is where you would put the Lot Number Sticker in that matches the one for your item.

What type of Item are you selling? This is where we choose our category. Some things may have multiple possible categories. A 10x10 Canopy can be Party Supplies, Outdoor Living, Hunting/Camping, Etc. You have to choose one.

Can you be More Specific? You may choose a more exacting sub-category or choose the category title again to just stay in the master category.

General Description: Put all your information about your lot in here. Start with the important details such as Brand and what is it. The beginning of your description will be used as you title.

All other Fields in the grey box, such as Year, Make, Model, Serial Number - Leave them Blank. They will become your title instead of your description, but it will be much shorter.

Pictures: Next we add pictures to the lot. You can drag and drop them into the box, or click on the box and select them. Holding control will allow you to select more than one at a time. You can rearrange the order once they have uploaded by dragging the pictures to where you want them.


Review & Submit:

That pretty much says it all. You can edit the item here, choose to add more lots, or submit them for approval.

Once you have submitted your items for approval they need to be dropped off at the Flint Liquidbidding location.

1721 James P Cole Blvd

Flint, MI 48503

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

Email at Support@Liquidbidding.com or

Phone at (810)762-1055.