Using our built-in Upload Portal, you can put your items online right from the comfort of your own home! Listing your items is pretty easy, but we will walk through the steps anyway.

Before you can list items on the portal, you must get Portal access. To get started listing on the portal you need to talk to our Drop of Specialists or a manager. They can activate the portal on your account. They will show you how to use the portal when they activate it. Once the portal is activated on your account, you can also get a stack of lot numbers for use when listing your items. Before you list your items, please review this list of items we are not accepting at this time.

Now that you have the portal activated and you have tag numbers, it's time to get started listing items! 
-> Go to the auction site and log into your account. 
-> Go to Account and Scroll to the bottom on the left
-> Go to Add or Manage Lots. This will pull up a list of all the lots you have put on the portal.
-> Go to +Add Lot. This is where we begin the process.

Step 1: Online Public Auction Consigner Agreement

First you have to agree to the OPAC Agreement. It is the same as the paper agreement you fill out every time you drop off.

Step 2: Start Listing Items

This Step has a Few drop down menus that we will go through.

First, choose which auction you want the items to go on. The auction must be at least 7 days out in order to be on the list of options. Also the items must get HERE on the Wednesday, a week before the auction or they will be pushed to the next auction. 

Second, you will need to choose which category to put your item in. Some items can go into multiple categories, but you have to choose one. Also there is a subcategory. If you don't want a sub category, there is an option that just restates the category title.

You have to choose whether it's a titled vehicle, as that could potentially add a few steps, but we will cover that in person when the opportunity to sell a titles vehicle arises.

Choose the location where the items will be dropped off. Presently, that's just our warehouse.

You have to state whether or not there is a lien on the item. In order to sell an item with a lien we must have either the lien release, or documentation stating that they will release the lien and payment information for the lienholder. 

Lastly, put the lot number that you assigned to this item. It is the number on the sticker we used to keep track of it.

​Step 3: Item Specific Details

The Options on this page are specific and change depending on the category you chose. The most common fields are Make, Model, Serial Number, Length, Width, Etc... 

My suggestion is to leave all of these fields blank. The information you put into these field will become your title, but also limits your title to just the information in the make and model fields.  If you just type all the information into the General Description on the bottom of the page, it take the first 90 characters or so and that becomes your title. This potentially allows you to get more information into the title than the Make and Model information.

​Step 4: Pictures

This step you add the pictures of the items you are listing. As a general rule, you want your first picture to be a picture of the whole item or group of items. The first picture is what will be used for the thumbnail shown beside the description when browsing the auction. There isn't a limit to the number of pictures you can have for a given item, but there are a few you will want to have. You should have a picture at an angle so dimension can be seen when viewing the item. You should picture anything that show a feature or unique characteristic. You should also picture any damage to the item.

​Step 5: Submit your item

That pretty much says it all. Hit the green button to submit your item and move onto the next one. Easy Peasy. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us:

Email at or

Phone at (810)762-1055.

Listing Items with the Portal

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